Natural stone jewellery

Why choose an agate bracelet?

In the mists of time, natural stones were a sign of nobility. Not only are they used for lithotherapy, but also worn as a necklace or bracelet. There are 2 main varieties of natural stones: precious and semi-precious stones. In…

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Where to find natural stone jewellery?

Natural stone jewellery is so trendy today. They are sought after, not only for their design, but also for their multiple virtues. The litho therapy, represents a large part of the modern jewelry market, although often they are of ethnic…

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What are the benefits of natural stone jewellery?

Usually arranged in the room in their raw form, natural stones can also be worn as jewellery (pendant, necklace, bracelet, etc.). As trendy as other categories of jewellery, gemstone jewellery emits beneficial energies for body and mind, regardless of its…

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