In the mists of time, natural stones were a sign of nobility. Not only are they used for lithotherapy, but also worn as a necklace or bracelet. There are 2 main varieties of natural stones: precious and semi-precious stones. In this article, we will talk about the fine stone which is agate.

What's agate?

This fine stone is a variety of the quartz family which is created from the crystallization of lava. Historically, this wonderful stone was used by the Greeks and Romans. Agate has many different colors such as: blue, green, black, brown and red. It can be found all over the world, for example, in China, Madagascar, Brazil. It can be worn as jewelry and also be decorated. It is very well known thanks to its virtues and particular characters. You can visit for more about natural stones virtues. That is why it is famous for its most powerful quality of stones that can protect in everyday life. Subsequently, it is also possible to make a bracelet out of agate.

What is the specificity of agate and its benefits?

Agate belongs to the class of semi-precious stones. This fine stone is characterized by its solidity and quite resistant. Sometimes it has a vitreous and crystalline lustre. It has a particular feature by the presence of its different natural colors. During the Roman Empire, agate stone was used as a talisman, as the Romans had a strong belief in the vitality of the stone. It is a sign of strength and protection from evil spirits for the one who possesses it. Physically, this stone can heal headaches, aches and pains related to the back.  It can calm emotional crises such as anxiety and stress, deep fears. It brings luck and wealth. It assures self-confidence. Nowadays, agate is made as a necklace, bracelet or ornamental ornament.

Can agate be worn as a bracelet?

Agate is a very decorative stone that can be used as costume jewellery. It has decorated museums by having it presented as decorative objects. It can be made as a bracelet and it is very fashionable. By definition, a bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is worn around the handle. Since agate has the power of healing (lithotherapy), it is essential to wear it with you all the time. This is how most jewellers shape this fine stone into beautiful bracelets of all sizes and shapes. The price is set according to the maker.