If you have ever looked for a missing earring or worn one piece of jewelry every day because it is easy to find it, this article is for you. There are various ways to organize your jewelry box, so rest assured that you can find a system that best suits you. You can store your jewelry in an Asian jewelry box or use any of the tips below.

Empty your Jewelry Box and Clean it thoroughly

Before you start organizing your jewelry box, remove all the jewelry and place it in another box or container. You can use an empty shoebox. Vacuum the jewelry box or wipe it. It is simpler to organize the jewelry box when it is clean.

After cleaning, it is now time to sort out your collection. Group the items into three groups: items to keep, donate or give away, and items to repair or clean. Set aside items such as hooks, clasps, and bands that need to go to the jeweler for repairs or those that need polishing or cleaning. Wrap and pack up items you wish to donate to charity or give away to family or friends.

Group Your Jewelry Together

The key to organizing jewelry boxes for women is to group similar items. You can keep jewelry you wear during the day together and do the same for night jewelry. Alternatively, you can group them by color or how you wear them. For example, if you like wearing a specific pair of earrings with a particular bracelet or necklace, put all of them in one place to find them easily. If you have antique jewelry, you can separate it from the others and store it in an antique wooden jewelry box. Grouping your jewelry helps in limiting the purchase of duplicates in the future.

You can also sort your jewelry into the following groups: earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches. Jewelry can also be sorted according to its material: fabric, wood, beads, pearls, silver, or gold. Further classification can be for formal or casual wear.

Develop Simple Systems

After sorting, grouping, and categorizing, set up simple systems for modern jewelry storage. A system involves a routine of selecting and putting away your jewelry. Ensure that the system you create is easy to follow and maintain for taking out and putting away your jewelry.

Once you create an easy-to-follow system, put your jewelry back in the box following the plan. Study all the compartments in your jewelry box and establish how you can use them optimally. If your jewelry box is spacious enough, place each piece in one compartment to easily see it. For smaller jewelry boxes, you can double or triple up your rings in a smaller boxed section. For better organization of your jewelry box, place your pieces back where they belong after wearing them.