Here we are again with a theme that you really appreciate: the organisation of jewellery! Rather than leaving your jewellery at the bottom of an old drawer, give it some proper storage. The new trend of the moment is recycled jewelry holders of all kinds. We have selected for you tutorials that are easy to make with everyday objects and inexpensive. In short, DIY is the anti-crisis solution to create small storage objects at a lower cost. Find our previous article here.

The cheese grater

Vintage as you wish, here is our beloved jewelry rack! Take an old cheese grater from our grandmothers and add a layer of pastel blue colour, you will get a totally offbeat storage object to put your earrings in. Very clever, it will allow you to order your earrings by the clasp which will cling to the holes. Our advice for an effective method: you will place the earrings with the nail clasps in the small holes provided for this purpose and the hook clasps in the larger spaces.

Deer head

Chic and imposing, the animal head is one of our favourite decorative objects! Not only is it an ornament, but it also allows you to hang its many long necklaces or long necklaces in style. You hang it in your bedroom above your dressing table or order to have quick access to it in the morning when you get dressed.

Muffin Moulds

To organize your jewellery in the bottom of your drawer, place small paper or silicone muffin/cupcake moulds in the bottom of your drawer for a better hold. An inexpensive idea that will offer you many storage possibilities in the manner of small lockers. The must to place your small costume jewellery: rings or brooches, and classify them by style or colour.

The accordion coat rack

In a minimalist spirit, here is an accordion coat rack that is diverted from its original purpose. Display your necklaces and necklaces nicely in your room. Hang them on the small hooks so that you have all the jewellery at your disposal without them getting tangled. Finally an original object that can be customised as you wish: paint, collage with paper, glitter! Give it the look you want to display your little marvels.

The jewellery window

At the bend of a flea market, you can have fun hunting for an old window or an old frame. The idea is to fix small personalized buttons or hooks as well as horizontal wire rods. You can first sand and patinate your wooden frame with the shade of your choice, to adapt it as well as possible to the decoration of your room. Necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry will find their place on this 100% original wall jewelry holder.

The sugar box

For just a few euros, treat yourself to a nice storage box for your rings and bracelets. The goal is to place foam or cardboard rolls (empty paper towel rolls for example) at the bottom to wedge your rings between them. With a good dose of imagination and a touch of recuperation, you can create a nice jewelry box.


To make this DIY, very little material is needed. You will only need a painting canvas, plain or printed fabric, small spikes and upholstery nails bought in haberdashery. The must is to match the jewelry holder to the decor of the room where it will be placed. Thus you will hang your delicate jewels on each of the spikes scattered here and there. It's up to you to improvise the artist of this unique work of art!