Jewellery maintenance

jewelry box

How do you organize a jewelry box?

If you have ever looked for a missing earring or worn one piece of jewelry every day because it is easy to find it, this article is for you. There are various ways to organize your jewelry box, so rest…

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Purification and recharging of your stones

First acquisition and before use, you should 3 to 4 hours soaking in distilled or spring water, except for natural stones that fear water, bracelets with an elastic band, pendants with an oxidizable steel part. For these sensitive cases, pass…

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How to give your jewellery a new look with nail polish?

Do you have some jewellery that you no longer like, or old jewellery lying around in a drawer? If you want to bring your old jewellery back to life or simply need a change, here are a few tips to…

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DIY to organize your jewelry

Here we are again with a theme that you really appreciate: the organisation of jewellery! Rather than leaving your jewellery at the bottom of an old drawer, give it some proper storage. The new trend of the moment is recycled…

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Practical and original jewelry-holder inspirations

This article is for all those who don’t know where to store their many jewels and little trinkets of all kinds. If you’re like me and you accumulate a whole bunch of jewellery or small accessories, you must be desperately…

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How do you maintain your diamonds?

Diamond may be the hardest substance in the world, but when it is cast into a piece of jewellery, it requires good care. Although diamonds repel water, they are natural magnets for oil and grease which affects its brilliance. Therefore,…

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How do I maintain a gold necklace?

You’re invited to a wedding. However, you think your necklace isn’t shiny enough. But you don’t have time to go to your jeweller’s anymore. You might be late. The solution is to find a quick and easy way to do…

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How to maintain a silver ring?

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation… all occasions are good to offer jewels to your loved ones. Silver jewellery is becoming more and more popular and contrary to popular belief, the silver ring is not expensive. It is the silver ring care…

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