Diamond may be the hardest substance in the world, but when it is cast into a piece of jewellery, it requires good care. Although diamonds repel water, they are natural magnets for oil and grease which affects its brilliance. Therefore, they are not easy to clean. On the other hand, although they are the hardest natural substance on earth, this does not mean that they are indestructible. So, in addition to storing them carefully, here are some tips on how to keep your diamond shiny. Focus.

How to protect your diamond?

Rule number one: never wear your diamond jewellery during heavy work. This is the basis for keeping a diamond intact. Yes, diamonds don't have a lifespan. In 100 years, it will still have the same brilliance, provided it is kept carefully. So even if you can wear your diamond engagement ring 24 hours a day, you still need to think about that bridge. Remember that even though a diamond is durable, it can be damaged by a hard blow. So avoid wearing it when you are doing hard work, working in the kitchen or going to the gym. Don't let your diamond come in contact with harmful solutions when doing household chores. This can damage and discolor the substrate.

How do you clean your diamond?

A simple way to keep your diamond jewellery looking beautiful: regular cleaning. Indeed, diamond maintenance trades by cleaning. The best way is to soak the diamond in an ammonia-based household cleaner overnight, once or twice a week. After removing the diamond from the cleaning solution, brush it with a soft, clean toothbrush or a soft, fluff-free cloth to remove any remaining dirt. Please note that the toothbrush should be new and reserved exclusively for cleaning your jewellery. Take the initiative to clean hard-to-reach areas such as the back of the diamond, as this will be the area that has collected the most oil and dirt. Sometimes, an ultrasonic cleaner is needed to remove the dirt embedded in the diamonds.

How do you store your diamond?

When you are not wearing diamonds and precious jewellery, it is recommended that you wrap your jewellery in soft tissue before storing it. Store your precious pieces in a cloth-lined case or in a box with compartments or dividers. If you prefer to use regular boxes, wrap each piece individually in tissue paper. Tissue absorbs moisture, preventing discoloration of the stones. Never mix your diamond jewellery with other jewellery as this could cause scratches.