First acquisition and before use, you should 3 to 4 hours soaking in distilled or spring water, except for natural stones that fear water, bracelets with an elastic band, pendants with an oxidizable steel part. For these sensitive cases, pass them just under water quickly (except for those that are resistant to excessive humidity), wipe them well, then spray them with sage. If no sage, to deposit 3 to 4 hours in a st-Jacques shell or on a heap (druse) or geode of rock crystal, amethyst, calcite or celestite.

Natural stones used in care and those worn as pendants, bracelets, earrings and in pocket

A cleaning after each care or at the end of each day is highly recommended, since in our contact, the natural stones quickly saturate our energies of stress, emotional or other. For the non-constraining methods chosen, I advise to deposit them for 3 to 4 hours, in a scallop shell or on piles and geodes of crystals as indicated above. These methods allow to purify and recharge at the same time. As long as this is done regularly, soaking in water is not necessary, because these accessories and natural stones release such an energy that the negativity absorbed by the minerals can only be transmuted into pure light. You can visit if you wish to know more about natural stones properties. Sage vaporization allows you to purify and recharge your natural stones in record time, in just a few minutes.

Ultra-fast means of purification

Your natural stone has become negatively charged following a meeting, during a visit to a place lacking in life energy or for therapists who want to use the same natural stone on two patients in succession? The solution is to spray Sage hydrolate (floral water) on your natural stones, let it act for 30 seconds and they immediately regain their energetic potential. This sage is available on our website. This 100% organic product with high vibratory quality is made on our premises. We can also use a druse (or cluster) of amethyst, rock crystal or a plate of shungite. These supports make it possible to purify and recharge at the same time. These supports release such an energy, that the negativity absorbed by the natural stones and crystals can only undergo a positive transmutation. Sometimes, the energy pollution stored by the natural stones can be so intense, that it would be prudent to discharge them from this negativity by soaking them in a container of water. The mineral is somehow "alive" and it should really be respected just like any other kingdom present in nature.