Costume jewellery

The comeback of Brazilian bracelets

If there’s one trend that we’re delighted to see again, it’s the Brazilian bracelet! The Friendship Bracelets, which marked our adolescence, are coming back in force. For those who have forgotten what these bracelets look like, they are colored cotton…

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How to choose a piece of jewellery?

Fashionable, chic or glamorous, jewellery is a fashion accessory that will enhance a person’s clothing style. However, you have to know how to wear them to really be an asset. Thus, a bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings…

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How to choose fancy earrings?

Earrings are accessories that are mainly intended to embellish the face of those who wear them. With the imaginations and the degree of creativity of today’s jewellery designers, all women can wear earrings that can enhance their beauty, while paying…

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3 tips to help you choose the right fancy necklace

Necklaces are accessories chosen by women to enhance their neck and clothing. Apart from these functions, necklaces are also accessories to mark one’s own identities and convictions, or adherence to certain philosophies. According to tastes, circumstances, and clothing, how to…

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What costume jewellery to buy for a teenage girl?

Jewellery is a favourite accessory mainly for women. For a teenage girl, it is not simply an item to be worn to embellish her outfits. In fact, jewellery is a symbolic object that displays origin and personality. This fact must…

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