If there's one trend that we're delighted to see again, it's the Brazilian bracelet! The Friendship Bracelets, which marked our adolescence, are coming back in force. For those who have forgotten what these bracelets look like, they are colored cotton threads that we weave together to create patterns: stripes, chevrons, hearts... Two years ago, Melty was already putting balm in our hearts by announcing the return of Brazilian bracelets (read their article on the trend here). This year, as in 2013 already, Brazilian bracelets will once again appear on every wrist and the must-have is to accumulate them. To make them unique and affordable, you don't hesitate to make them yourself. With the right tools and a good dose of patience, you will quickly become a weaving expert. Brazilian bracelets we say YES! Especially to colour our wrists and bring more colour into our lives. Zoom on the trend of Brazilian bracelets. These little trinkets come from South America, where they are traditionally made. It is the travellers who have popularized these bracelets all over the world and who would have passed on the technique as they travelled. According to a legend, the bracelet must be entirely handmade in order to keep its character as a good-luck charm. The moment the bracelet is tied on the wearer's wrist, the wearer must make a wish and not take it off. Then, in order for the wish to come true, it will be necessary to wait wisely for the threads of the bracelet to break by themselves.

Go for a DIY

You can find them at very affordable prices in costume jewellery shops or for the more broke you can always put your little handcuffs to work by making your own bracelets. Going for a DIY will allow you to wear totally personalized jewellery! Wire, a safety pin and a pair of scissors will be enough to create your bracelets. You will find everything you need in haberdashery stores (online on the Internet or in stores). There are also ready-made boxes including the material + instructions for use. The blogger Margot from the Youmakefashion blog has launched her very first book (photo below) which offers a starter kit for your DIYs. It includes small equipment and detailed guides to make several models of trendy bracelets. If you want to customize your bracelets, it's entirely possible. You can add a clasp, charms, studs, nails, rhinestones, chains, beads ... to stick or sew on your little darling bracelets. It's up to you to let your creativity speak for itself! For those who want to experiment the Brazilian bracelet, here is a video from Prima magazine to learn how to make your herringbone bracelet ! Brazilian bracelets are made by knotting threads together. Beaded cotton is ideal because it doesn't wear out and doesn't get tangled. To become a pro quickly, first learn the basics of the Brazilian bracelet, with the right-to-right knot following our diagonal pattern model. Once you're familiar with this knot, start with the herringbone pattern, learning the left-left knot. If you want to vary the patterns, this is perfectly possible, so even the most expert in the field can have fun inventing new patterns to brighten up their wrists. Once you have mastered the technique, you will have a real pleasure weaving your bracelets at home or on the beach. It is the essential accessory to spend a colourful summer. So the trend of Brazilian bracelets, do we adopt or not?