Necklaces are accessories chosen by women to enhance their neck and clothing. Apart from these functions, necklaces are also accessories to mark one's own identities and convictions, or adherence to certain philosophies. According to tastes, circumstances, and clothing, how to choose a fancy necklace?

The fancy necklaces according to the outfit

Choosing a fancy collar means accepting that each collar is worn differently according to its length, and also according to its model. A princess necklace is not worn in the same way as a breastplate necklace. For the choker collar or dog collar, it can be worn with a nice bustier, or with a garment with a round collar, but also with clothes with a boat collar. Princess collars fit with all shapes and types of clothing. Only the colours are decisive in choosing the clothes that will go with this kind of collar. Long necklaces are worn with rather sober outfits. They give elegance and an original touch to the outfits. The breastplate collars, as for them, are mostly worn with necklines. They give a little ethnic touches to the outfits of the person wearing them.

Fancy necklaces marking a person's identity

Necklaces are frequently used to show others one's convictions, cultural identities, or adherence to certain philosophies or religions. Each Indian tribe, for example, has its own type of necklace. Similarly, in Africa, necklaces mark the cultural identities of tribes. Inspired by all this, fashion designers have made necklaces that reflect the identities of each individual, according to his or her belonging to a particular group. Africa lovers, for example, like to wear bib-type necklaces with more ethnic patterns. Lovers of the sea rather like necklaces that represent the sea and its surroundings, either by its patterns or its materials. For example, they prefer mother-of-pearl, but also lighter and more accessible materials such as leather or thread.

Adapt the materials of the necklaces to the circumstances in which they are to be worn

With the multiplicity of materials to make fancy necklaces, every circumstance and event has a suitable necklace. necklaces. Necklaces made out of pearls are generally worn at more chic events. They have the art of giving elegance to the wearer. They can also be worn during more formal meetings, to give an elegant look to the wearer. Metal necklaces can be worn in all circumstances, except for special patterns such as ethnic patterns. However, even these so-called ethnic patterns can be worn at fancy events and give an original and unique look to the wearer. Leather or wire necklaces are more suitable for everyday life: at work, in class, or at more relaxed and cool events.