Earrings are accessories that are mainly intended to embellish the face of those who wear them. With the imaginations and the degree of creativity of today's jewellery designers, all women can wear earrings that can enhance their beauty, while paying less. In fact, costume earrings now come in multiple models. But how to choose the right ones?

Choose according to the manufacturing materials

In order to choose the right earrings, you have to take into consideration all the illnesses or conditions of the person. For example, some people are allergic to specific materials such as copper or other metals. There are also conditions that can alter materials, such as a person who has very acidic sweats, which can be harmful to silver or copper. These metals turn black or have green deposits on contact with them. For people who are more superstitious or have certain beliefs, some materials can bring good luck, and some can bring bad luck depending on the astrological sign or date of birth. This is the case for semi-precious stones, metals, and leathers.

Choose your fancy earrings according to the morphology of your face

In order to bring out the real beauty of the person wearing them, it is best to choose fancy earrings according to the morphology of the face, to avoid any false fashion statement. For round faces, it is better to opt for elongated and thin earrings, or dangling earrings, to lengthen the face. Round earrings should be avoided, as this adds roundness to the face. For long faces, unlike round faces, it is better to choose short earrings, and with more volume in the direction of the width. This will give the impression of shortening the face. People with an oval face can wear all shapes and types of earrings. This shape is what face designers call the ideal face. People with a rectangular face are the most beautiful with earrings like hoop earrings. Choosing earrings that can round off the corners is the most suitable decision for these people. These tips are also valid for people with square faces.

Choosing your fancy earrings according to your outfit

One of the ways to choose fancy earrings, is to take into account the dress code, and more specifically, depending on the circumstances to wear the jewelry. For example, at the beach, wearing hoop earrings, or more ethnic earrings is more appropriate and more suitable for this context, while for an evening, it is better to wear more elegant and classic earrings.