The information on this article is a brief summary of the virtues of the natural stones. This is the result of more than 20 years of experience, observation and testimonies about the power of natural stones.

Apophyllite: Ideal for reïki, magnetism, channeling...

It is a precious help during energetic care at a distance, especially if it is associated with other natural stones such as rock crystal for example. It is the stone of predilection to help to overcome a mourning, a separation or a rupture. Highly spiritual stone, it possesses very high vibrations, providing us with powerful protection. It helps us to find strength and courage in life's trials, especially when we feel unsatisfied, in the midst of an inner struggle to fight well against our bad thoughts. This evolutionary natural stone promotes awakening and wisdom, allowing us to positively transform our lives. It harmonizes our physical and spiritual body, allowing us to open ourselves to safe spaces for meditation. It calms anxieties and soothes worries. Brings relaxation and serenity. you can visit for more about natural stones virtues and benefits in Lithotherapy. Helps people suffering from addictions such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, screens, video games or any other form of addiction. Amethyst allows us to resist temptation while helping us to understand the emotional and psychological mechanisms that led us to this addiction . Promotes a more restful and serene sleep, reduces nightmares. In this case, it is advisable to sleep with this stone.

Agate: Provides inner stability

It helps us to gather ourselves serenely, to adopt an attitude of withdrawal and interiorization that favors discernment and thus brings a new look at our life. Agate brings us a certain fluidity both physically and emotionally, allowing us to assimilate experiences in full consciousness.

Aquamarine: It is associated with the throat chakra

It ha smany benefits, like:
  • Promotes communication, frees up frank and sincere speech.
  • Brings the perseverance and dynamism necessary to reach one's goal.
  • Recommended for sensitive people who have difficulty expressing themselves and verbalizing their emotions.
  • Amazonite: Stone of harmony, relieves and brings comfort.
  • Allows to release tensions and frustrations that are a source of irritability.
  • Soothes emotionality, promoting a certain lightness in the face of hardship.
  • Dispels sadness and the impression of being a victim in the face of life.
  • Allows you to take control of yourself while releasing inner tensions.
It also allows you to release the pressure on your shoulders, to open up to the world, to raise your head and finally to smile at life!

Amber: Vitality, warm and comforting energy

Brings joy to everyday life. The warm and joyful nature of amber brings us a form of carefree carefree making us more spontaneous and jovial in our relationships with others. This fossilized pine resin was also used to help infants during teething in ancient times.

Green Aventurine

Promotes openness to others while allowing the emergence of our inner child in self-respect, ideals and convictions. It helps to express himself while keeping his self-control thanks to its anti-stress properties. Stone of predilection for the emotional ones, the hypersensitive ones because it makes it possible to take distance on oneself while channeling the extreme emotions which can involve a certain form of anger and aggressiveness towards our entourage. The green aventurine allows to overcome relational difficulties because it brings a form of lightness on our extreme emotions. It allows to overcome more quickly the disappointments and frustrations related to emotional dependencies and excessive attachment. Ideal during adolescence to promote openness to others and soothe nervousness.

Bronzite natural stone

This stone is a variety of Enstatite garnet. The Romans wore it as a protective amulet. The crushed stone was used to strengthen the nerves and protect against mental illness. Bronzite is both energizing and soothing. It calms the nerves and allows you to take action once a decision has been made. Indeed, it restores strength, courage and vitality to take responsibility for one's choices. It relieves the upper body of accumulated tension, soothes anger and brings softness.

Chalcedony natural stone

Stone of the speakers, singers, orators and people who are important to speak . It calms, soothes and provides good elocution while avoiding stuttering. It also brings an important listening quality for anyone wishing to understand and communicate easily. It is related to the element air and water. Hence its use in antiquity as a remedy to heal ailments and sensitivity related to weather changes and atmospheric disorders. Allows to free oneself from swallowed anger, from the unspoken things that hinder free expression and remain blocked in the throat chakra. The result is greater creativity and open-mindedness. Also recommended for children because it allows a good learning of language and calms hyperactive people.

Calcite: Ideal for regaining the positive and enthusiastic side of life

People who no longer believe in it, no longer see that half-empty glass will regain a positive momentum thanks to the dynamic and playful properties of this stone. It allows to surpass oneself because it gives stability in time to remain persevering and focused on one's goals . Helps to fight against doubt and laziness. Calcite is excellent to help children as well. It favours growth, improves memory, comprehension and discernment capacities. In ancient cultures, calcite was used in the form of lime for skin problems, infected wounds and warts. It is a stone to be worn over the long term because its effects are felt over time. It is obvious now that minerals are not a substitute for medical treatment. They are daily allies to help us to do an inner work on ourselves, to help us to walk on the path of consciousness and finally to become actor of our life and no longer a spectator!