Natural stone jewellery is so trendy today. They are sought after, not only for their design, but also for their multiple virtues. The litho therapy, represents a large part of the modern jewelry market, although often they are of ethnic and cultural inspiration. Between bracelets, necklaces or even rings and earrings made of natural stones, where can they be found?

The natural stone bracelet

Bracelets are the most popular natural stone jewellery. They come in all kinds and shapes, such as ball bracelets, rolled stone bracelets, fancy bracelets, disc bracelets and the most famous, Tibetan malas. If for some, they have a purely decorative function. For others, they represent a good luck charm, with a special meaning for each stone. There is for example the belief of the chakra, the sacred chakra represented by the moonstone, the solar plexus chakra with the amber stone, the root chakra with the eye of the tiger. According to the belief, these stones have healing, soothing virtues, carrying vitality and well-being. All jewellers specializing in lithotherapy sell bracelets made of natural stones like those you can find at for instance. Whether online, in craft fairs, or on social networks by amateurs who make DIY or band made.

Natural stone necklaces

Natural stone necklaces are becoming more and more fashionable. Today, they come in different shapes and sizes. They can just be pendant, prism-shaped, flat stone, drop, rolled stone or rough, accompanied by a silver, gold, ribbon or nylon chain. Otherwise, there are short necklaces, with a succession of different stones or a single stone. There are also choker necklaces, often with different stones of different shapes and colours. Or the fine necklaces, often made of cultured pearl, accompanied by other stones. They are available in specialist shops, such as Natascha's jewellery, which is a shop specialising in original necklaces. Natural stone jewellery craftsmen also make beautiful natural stone necklaces, which they sell at fairs and markets.

Other stone jewellery

Rings are also jewellery, which can be set with natural stones. Often it is silver rings, which are accompanied by semi-precious stones. There are the rather thin rings, with a large, imposing flat stone, round, oval, square, or rectangle. There are also the rather thick rings, with smaller stones, worked or rough. His jewels in natural stones, are available on the sites of lithotherapies, like, or There are also jewellery shops that sell jewellery exclusively in silver, where you can find these rings. But they can also be available in some artisanal jewellery and lithotherapy shops.