Today, we share with you a DIY that will teach you the tricks of making a fashionable, neon fancy necklace. To do so, get a basic necklace, bought at a low price or reuse a simple necklace to customize it. The trend of the season is flashy, but be careful to always adopt it in small touches. A bracelet or necklace in flashy colours will allow you to enhance a winter outfit that's a little too monochrome and bring a little pep to your look. Here is below a tuto jewelry worthy of the name, to make a great flashy pink necklace. If the colour pink is a little too "girly" for your taste, you can mix and match the shades or go for a more "passe-partout" colour such as blue or green. Once you've practiced this kind of tutorial to bring your old jewellery, necklaces and costume jewellery back to life and make them unique, you'll quickly get a taste for it!

The steps to make a necklace

To put into practice this DIY, you will need: a fancy necklace, a spray of fluorescent paint, about twenty circles of assorted fabrics (between 7 and 10 cm in diameter), about twenty small pendants of your choice (buttons, pearls, roses ...), thread, a needle and large scotch tape.

Step 1: painting

Before starting this step, wrap the upper parts of the necklace with thick tape to protect them. Place your collar on newspaper (preferably outside: garden or terrace) and apply about 2 coats of paint on your collar, using the spray paint can. Be careful, it is mandatory to let it dry in the open air (at least 30 minutes) between each coat of paint.

Step 2: sewing

Once your collar has dried well, take the pre-cut fabric discs and fold them several times so as to form a flower. Stitch them with a needle and pass the thread through the links of the necklace or in our case thread the thread between the small beads. Continue the operation to the other end of the necklace, all the way around the painted outline. You can stop at this step if you like your necklace this way. Otherwise, as with the flower petals, you can attach all kinds of charms, always in the same tones as the paint and fabric. To do this, pass your needle and thread through the beads to sew the small charms, taking care to alternate them. And here is your necklace is ready to be worn around your neck!