Published on : 16 June 20203 min reading time

The fashion for very thin rings made its appearance this year! Here is a tutorial that will allow you to create your own knotted ring very simply. All you will need is a pair of jewellery pliers that you can find in haberdashery and a gold or silver wire. Once you have the material in hand, follow the procedure below. It will only take you a few minutes to make this very cute and trendy ring!

Make a choker necklace with spades

To brighten up your neck and bring a touch of femininity, you dare the colourful choker necklace! To reproduce this jewelry tutorial to the letter, you’ll need a clasp, semi-rigid cable, beads with holes in them (so you can thread them), a piece of link chain and a small jewelry clip. You can customize your necklace ad infinitum with beads of different sizes or colors. It’s sure your girlfriends won’t have the same necklace around their neck!

Contrary to the fashion for thin rings, here we find another fashionable trend of the year: bracelets with thick links. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a bracelet with gold or silver links, with a practical elastic closure to adjust it to your wrist. This DIY is very easy to reproduce, even for beginners in manual work!

Make a breastplate necklace with coloured rhinestones

For this tutorial, a little bit of sewing is required! Take a piece of thick felt fabric and use chalk to draw the yoke to be cut out with scissors. Then you will need to sew two satin ties to create the closure of the necklace. Then to finish you will have to paint with nail polish of your choice the rhinestones, which will decorate the front of the necklace. And finally glue all the rhinestones with glue glue, so as to form pretty coloured patterns.

Create a rope bracelet with a stone

For this last tutorial, here are the steps to make an original rope bracelet with a stone pendant. The necessary material is the following: a pair of scissors, glue, a semi-precious stone of your choice, rings, a snap clasp, a jewellery clip, a piece of rope and gold wire. If you want to create jewellery ad infinitum, you can have fun reproducing a pretty set with the necklace or earrings to match your bracelet!