The essential accessory of the summer is the cuff bracelet! Besides, with the beautiful days, you want bright colours, so it's the occasion to give a makeover to an old bracelet that you haven't worn for a while. You take a very simple silver or gold cuff, you add a few colored pellets and you'll get an original bracelet that only you will own, rather nice, isn't it ?!Read this article which is a real gold mine, for those who would like to improve their skills in various and varied handicrafts!

The necklace with braided links

In the same spirit as the Brazilian bracelets, here is the necklace with links braided with cotton threads. This colorful necklace is worn very close to the neck, it is perfect for those who would like to brighten up their outfit with a touch of color. Once you've mastered the braiding technique, you'll see that it becomes child's play. You can even have fun creating a matching pair of earrings or bracelet.

The message bracelet

If you're running out of gift ideas for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, here's a great idea that you might like! You can have fun making message bracelets to wear for fun, to declare your love to our dear and sweet Valentine for Valentine's Day or to pass on the message of your choice. Very easy to make, all you have to do is string coloured beads and beads with alphabetical letters to form the phrase or name you want. This very simple jewelry tutorial will make a maxi-effect!

Wooden jewellery with patterns

If you feel like trying DIY, you can tinker with some of your old jewellery to give it a second life! For example, take earrings or a wooden pendant and a few vials of nail polish. For this tutorial the earrings and necklace have been painted with geometric and coloured patterns using masking-tape. You can do the same with tape, covering the parts you don't want to paint. You can also have fun making pretty little designs on your wooden pendants.

Geometrically shaped buckles

Very fashionable this season, here are the triangular earrings. Geometrically shaped jewellery is so popular this season that we have seen them blooming on all fashion and DIY blogs. This pair was made with triangular-shaped inserts cut in leather. You can have fun giving it the shape you want and choose the colours you like. If you don't necessarily have the budget to buy designer earrings, then DIY is a good option.