We are constantly looking for new creative ideas to share with you. In this article we have decided to focus on the necklace, which is undoubtedly one of the easiest to wear and most appreciated by women. Added to any outfit, it is the element that will bring a real touch of elegance and pep to your look. We now offer you a selection of tutorials that are easy to do at home!

The pom-pom necklace

This pompom necklace invites you to travel and change of scenery with its play of soft materials and shimmering colours. This jewel of tribal and ethnic inspiration will embellish all your tops with a touch of elegance. Learn how to make your pompom necklace by following this tutorial.

The rhinestone choker

Let's change register with this pretty necklace with thick links that is worn close to the neck. This one is composed of several rows with thick links and one row set with fancy crystals. If you like this kind of jewelry.

The braided breastplate necklace

Sublimate your summer outfits with a neon pink bib necklace! This season the trend is flashy colors and that's good because we have a nice DIY to offer you. This necklace has a wide braid of 3 strands fabric.

The wooden necklace

This pretty necklace is composed of a cotton thread chain and a wooden half-moon shaped pendant. All the originality of this jewel rests on the set of threads woven on the pendant. The goal is to play on contrasts by using a coloured thread. Now all you have to do is to start creating costume jewellery!

The thick link necklace

If you like imposing jewels with a bling-bling look then the necklace that is coming should please you! To make this necklace you will just need to buy a chain with thick links and customize it with a nail polish, very easy to apply with its brush applicator. Available in a bracelet version, you can create a matching set.

The woven fabric necklace

The braided necklace is a must have in your jewelry box! The trick to making this necklace is to retrieve one or two old t-shirts from your wardrobe, cut them into strips and braid them together with a chain.

The Peter Pan necklace

Chic a trendy schoolgirl style necklace! This original jewel is composed of leather inserts and satin fabric links, perfect to dress up all your tops.

The felt diamond necklace

Very easy to make, here is the diamond necklace to turn you into a superhero! To do this, you need a chain bought by the meter and pieces of felt. The advantage of making your own jewelry is that you can customize your jewelry at will and create a unique piece that only looks like you.