The year 2015 was marked by the trend of "rainbow loom" silicone bracelets and hyper-colored bracelets! In 2016, the trend is towards natural with more noble materials such as macramé or rope. We decided to talk to you today about our penchant for knots. To dress up your top or your wrist, we're going into sailor mode! Here is our tutorial on how to make a knot easily as well as all our ideas for tutorials found on the web. Basically it's a type of loop used by sailors and which allows them to lift heavy loads. This season, it is diverted from its main use to embellish all your jewelry: necklaces, bracelets or earrings!


You will need an even number of 4 or 8 leather or rope ties, a pair of scissors, a metal clasp, pliers and a roll of tape. You will find all the tools you need at your local haberdashery store or at specialized online stores. You'll need a very small budget of around €5 for a bracelet.

The step-by-step process

- Step 1: take two ropes from each side and tape them to the edges of your work surface to keep them in place. Then make a large loop that passes over the top, make 2 inverted ones. - Step 2: Then put the left piece on the right one, then slide the ties so that they pass underneath (see the tutorial 3rd photo), so as to link the 2 pieces together. - Step 3: Now you just have to tighten your bracelet and adjust it to your wrist size by shortening the too long cords. Once the cords have been cut with a pair of scissors, add the carabiner clasp and its extendable chain that will allow you to put it on. Use the small pliers for this. There you go, now you can parade around with your new costume jewellery! Find our other tutorials to make trendy and original necklaces.