Published on : 16 June 20202 min reading time

In 2015 the piercing has never been so popular on the red carpet! And moreover the stars do not hesitate any more to give themselves a rebellious air. It is official it makes emulators among them: by passing from Shy’m to Rihanna. Whether true or false, he can totally change a face or an entire look. Tragus, septum, cartilage, earlobes, anything goes this season. If you’re a cozy girl and don’t like needles, then a fake piercing is the way to go.

This soft alternative gives you the opportunity to adopt this trend at a lower cost and without pain. It’s also a good way to tame the piercing before launching into the definitive act. False spacers, rings, there are many models that are as elegant as they are original. The manufacturers are very inventive and offer you articles to satisfy all tastes and all budgets. The piercing is chic!

DIY fake piercing

We now offer you to discover 2 tutorials hyper easy to make to create your fake piercing, without the need to go through the piercing box. Summer or winter, you can have fun putting your fake rings on your lip, ears or nose for a stylish look! So are you ready for the Coachella Music Festival? Here are 2 categories.

The fake septum piercing

Great phenomenon of 2015, the false septum piercing is widely adopted by people like Lady gaga or Rihanna! To assert oneself, there is nothing like an original jewel that you wear when you feel like it. It is enough just to find the piercing which will imitate a true one with perfection.

The fake labret piercing

The fake labret jewelry is a good option for those who want to have an offbeat and rock side! With this tutorial you will learn how to make a small ring to slip on her lower lip.