Jewelry dresses the outfits and thus gives those who wear them a lot more style. Jewellery is so personal that it is often unpleasant to realize that it is not always unique. Creating your own jewellery will allow you to add an original touch to your style, and will give your jewellery back its unique character. Today we offer you a special item of earrings with a selection of 5 DIY easy to make. If you like necklaces and long necklaces, go to our previous article where you will find lots of clever ideas. Follow all our jewellery tutorials to find tips and original design ideas to inspire you!

The pink gold earrings

Since 2015 pink gold is a resolutely trendy metal! It is highly appreciated for its softness and the poetry it exudes. Here is an idea of realization of easy to make earrings which are composed of dangling chains with a pearl suspended. An ultra-feminine model which goes very well with the hair released in ponytail or bun. The clasp is hook and loop, we like very much the type of clasp which is certainly the most comfortable! You can mix the materials between gold and silver to obtain a delicate mix.

Ethnic earrings

Spring is coming soon and on this occasion we want to renew our jewelry and clothing! This pair of ethnic earrings and its pretty pastel blue charms should make your eyes pop. Here is a nice pair of buckles with pastel notes as we like them.

Creoles with pompon

With the arrival of fine weather, we love the fresh and greedy colours. We're a fan of this cute pair of creoles adorned with fuchsia pink pearls and a matching vitamin-packed pompom. The mix of materials between metal and cotton threads is very successful. We gladly adopt these modern creoles to sublimate his pretty face.

The pineapple earrings

It seems that pineapples are not confined to supermarket shelves, this year we find a lot of fruits and vegetables on prints, jewellery or accessories. If you're like us and you love offbeat jewelry, here's a funny pair of pineapple-shaped earrings! They are so realistic that you almost want to devour them raw. Moreover they are very simple to make so you just have to provide you with the necessary primers.

The feather earrings in leather

Bohèmes à souhait here is to finish this article, a beautiful pair of feathered earrings in a cameo of pink and white. This is a bit different from the feather earrings we are used to see. We love their current design and we see ourselves well with this summer to strut on the beach! To create leather feather buckles similar to these, you will need a hook clasp as well as scraps of leather, if you don't have any leather, imitation leather in the color of your choice or felt will also do the trick. All the art of this tutorial is based on the cutting of the fringed borders.