To this day, rings are one of the essential accessories to perfect your look. Whether for an everyday look or for more grand occasions, this little shiny ring can make all the difference. And thanks to the amazing talents of some jewellers, designing a custom design is now easy. Also, the choice of stones dedicated to embellish your ring is getting wider and wider. While precious stones are known to be rare and valuable, semi-precious stones stand out for the spark they bring. So, which stone to choose for your ring?

The choice of the stone according to the wearing of the ring

As accessories, there are rings that you wear on you daily and there is the one that you only take out of your jewelry box during big events. In other words, the frequency with which you wear the ring can already determine whether you should opt for a precious or semi-precious stone.  For special occasions, such as weddings or official ceremonies, prestigious jewellery, including rings adorned with precious stones, is essential. To get the perfect look for the occasion, there is nothing better than a ring embellished with a diamond or emerald. And for your daily shopping, it is best to go for gemstones. Compared to rare stones, they do not lack beauty and brilliance. However, this type of stone is very popular because of its high resistance, which is appropriate for its frequency of use.

The choice of the stone according to its accessibility

Whether it is a precious or semi-precious stone, they are all natural stones. The notable difference is only in rarity. Moreover, it is the essential criteria that determines the preciousness of a stone. And yes, the rarer it is, the more precious it is. And of course, the more precious it is, the more difficult it is to access. Moreover, semi-precious stones are often sold at reasonable prices, even when they are already integrated into jewellery. So if you are planning to give a ring as a present to someone, gemstones are a better alternative. However, if it is for an investment, a ring with a gemstone would be an excellent investment.

What stone for an engagement ring?

In engagement rings, there are no rules. Precious or semi-precious stone, you can choose the one that has charmed you. However, each stone has a meaning that must be taken into account before choosing one as your engagement ring. In the case of gemstones, for example, the diamond is distinguished by its indestructibility. Thus, a diamond ring also reflects an indestructible love. Ruby, on the other hand, evokes trust and is the ideal stone to express that one trusts one's partner. But semi-precious stones are also very expressive. Granite is a sign of fidelity, if amethyst implies protection.