Jewelry making materializes a real know-how that has always existed as an ornament for men and women. Numerous techniques are used in order to create beautiful and authentic ornaments. Costume jewellery comes in a variety of models allowing everyone to display their own style. Art Deco is an artistic movement that was originally inspired by other well-known artistic movements such as cubism and fauvism. Art Deco jewellery is indeed a true work of art of the post-war period, fascinating the world of fashion and jewellery. Lovers of vintage jewellery are the most captivated by this type of finery.

Historical context of Art Deco jewellery

The history of jewellery, just like any other art object, is a real revolution, both symbolic and aesthetic. Art Deco is a name given to the artistic movement between 1910 and 1924 in the field of art and aesthetics. The jewels echoed this movement, which advocated the rigour of a play of expensive symmetry to the period. That said, Art Deco jewellery is characterised by the rigour of geometric shapes. These ornamental models were inspired by India and also by Japan, which had a pronounced taste for exoticism. Since this trend originated during the Industrial Revolution, the assembly of different metals and less expensive materials such as plastic characterize this art.

Presentation of jewellery inspired by the Art Deco movement

Inspired by Asian iconography, the art deco jewel is adorned with the forms of dragons and Buddha. The use of gemstones and precious stones testifies to the craze for exoticism. As opposed to Art Nouveau, which emphasizes the natural form, Art Deco stands out with highly emphasized geographical shapes such as the octagon and the rectangle. The craftsmen of Art Deco ornaments are inspired by gems and materials such as bone, silver, mother-of-pearl among others. The production of necklaces and rings testify to the presence of these organic materials, mainly mother-of-pearl or pearls. Art Deco-inspired jewellery also stands out for its contrasting shades of black and red.

How to identify a real art deco jewel?

A genuine Art Deco jewel is a period jewel. It is unique and distinguishes itself from a modern jewel inspired by Art Deco. In order to verify that it is really an Art Deco jewel, many criteria must be taken into account. The fineness of the metal work, the chasing as well as the setting are the details that allow the identification of this period jewel. Some costume jewellery is inspired by the Art Deco movement in order to give more authenticity to the appearance of necklaces and bracelets.